Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday mumbling

Since I'm a little bored here tonight I started going through pictures. I'm always amazed when I find pictures that I totally forgot I even took. The first picture is of a hawk that I swear just loves to torment me. It will soar over the back yard and land in the trees near the yard till I grab my camera and then he lands and sits on the same branch of the above tree. No matter how much zoom I use I just cant get a better shot of it. Even better is if I unlock the back gate and start to walk across the ravine area, it will fly off towards the road. Every day this is what happens. If I could take dogs out and not risk dropping my camera I would make sure that I had the camera with me at all times in the morning.

The other two pictures of the betta fish are just here because I'm happy that I finally caught some pictures that were not blurred. I'm also happy that I didn't have to do any editing to them. Nami would really like for me to keep that big black thing away from him and his tank. He has taken to flaring whenever I am trying to get pictures. I'm thinking with as bored as I am here tonight, that I really need to get out of this house tomorrow. Girls will be back in school and Todd has tomorrow off, so maybe grab the camera and head out. I hope that everyone has had a good start to the week.

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