Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sweetpea Tuesday

I'm going to do a Mom's choice for this week, and my choice is...it is a compliant list. I'm sorry but I just cant come up with any better name for it. It isn't to be mean or anything like that, and the things that I'm picking are not all that horrible. I just don't have any other idea's for this week, and since all of the girls are still in fight mode with each other I just feel this topic is the best one for this week.

My compliant about my Sweetpea is that no matter how many times I ask "Do you need any other art supplies or school supplies?" "I'm running out to Staples now do you need anything?" "Sweetpea I have a list of supplies that your sister's need, do you need ANYTHING??" I always hear the answer no from her on that day, and then within 24 hours she will come to me in a panicked "MOM!! I NEED THIS!!!" It just never fails! It is at least once a quarter for school that I am making my run to a store to pick up stuff, and I ask each and every one of them. Every time, it is her that tells me no, and every time it is her that comes to me later and gives me one heck of a list. She did it when I ran out just a couple of weeks ago for their return from break. Tonight I asked her to make me a list of what it was that she needed, and even though I haven't gotten out to get her what all she asked for on the 8th, she looked me in the eyes and said "No, I don't need anything." Now I know this just cant be right because she has taken to carrying her art case to school with her from home. She never carries that to school with her because that is kept full separate from school. I'm sure that come tomorrow after I have run all of my errands, probably tomorrow night at about 8 p.m. I will hear the phrase that to me is about the same as someone raking their nails across a chalk board. "MOM...I NEED THIS STUFF!!" Sweetpea wonders why we bought her so many sketch books for Christmas this year. Hmmm...I wonder why too. Oh wait we bought 6 sketch books just so at there would be one thing that I'm not hearing about the night before. I think it may be time for me to set up a hidden space in the closet with tons of art supply stuff. I may need to talk to Grandma G and see what she recommends I keep stocked up in there on top of the stuff that I know very well already. People may think that I'm opening up my own art supply store, but it would be worth it just to not have to hear those words anymore. Just point to the closet.

Yes, it is a complaint about my Sweetpea! Every now and then you just have to let it out. I will play fair and do it for each of them, heaven knows they are giving me more than enough to work with this week. I also am willing to point out their biggest complaint about me this week. I'm on a power trip and just MEAN! No they haven't said that but a mother can tell what the look is that their getting.

I hope that everyone is having a good week so far. If nothing else get a laugh from the teen pains and tween pain postings from me the next couple of days.

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