Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sweetpea....5 Words

This weeks topic is 5 words. Each of the girls is going to pick 5 words that they think describes them. Then Mom and Dad are going to pick 5, and then siblings are going to pick 5. Very simple topic for this week or so Sweetpea thought when I handed it to her last night. So I'm going to start with her 5 words that she finally chose and then add the rest.
  • Weird
  • Smart
  • Short
  • Creative
  • Crabby

Mom and Dad's 5 words;

  • Vertically Challenged
  • Colorful
  • Creative
  • Cynic
  • Recluse

Binky Sue and Cheybug's 5 words;

  • Devious
  • Notspendytimeyish
  • Fun sized
  • Cute-Adorable
  • Grouchy-Dungeon Mistress

Just in case you are wondering, I think Binky Sue and Cheybug were making up some words as they went along, and I know they had a few arguments about having to share their 5 words. Sweetpea's choice of weird I don't agree with and Dad's choice of colorful for it I still don't think fits. Sweetpea is just...Sweetpea! She is original and doesn't fall into any of the "norms". But I don't think she would want it any other way.

Okay so one down for this week. Tomorrow will be Cheybugs, so see you back here for that.

I hope that everyone is having a good week.

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