Friday, January 11, 2008

A Happy Eclipse

Eclipse is back and was more that willing to pose for me this week. Really good thing is I got enough pictures that if for some reason she decides to not want to work with me in the next couple of months that I have back up all ready to go on Friday. Eclipse was just happy for a return of a bit warmer weather and Mom opening up the doors and windows for some fresh air, so she was able to sit and watch all the winter time birds that have been filling the back yard during the day.
It's time for Feline Friday, and a I had a bit of a surprise this morning over at Steve's blog. He has already posted for today and he is taking a break till spring. My first thought was "OH NO!", but then stopped and figured well we all need a break at some point in time. So everyone head over there and leave a comment wishing well and see you in the spring.
Steve's Blog

Everyone have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend!

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