Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Sweetpea Tuesday...Hopes for the New Year

Getting this New Year off to a great start here today and going to get back on track with the posting schedule that the girls set for me. Paiges hopes for this new year is are pretty simple really. She would really like to finally have a growth spurt and pass the five foot mark!! She would like to get better grades in school...hmmm maybe if she would do some of her homework that would happen.(Just a Mom thought there though) She wants to get into the district art show again this year. Sweetpea would also like to have a wonderful Sweet 16th up at the Grand Canyon and a swing through Sedona is the plan right now. She would really like for something exciting to happen this year is her biggest thought. Just a simple list of things for her here today. I think due to staying up so late to ring in the new year her mind just doesn't want to give her any other thoughts for the day.

I hope that everyone is having a great relaxed day today, and see you tomorrow with a Cheybug post of what her hopes for the New Year are.

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