Friday, January 4, 2008

Cats with their girls

Here we are the first Friday of 2008, which means it is Feline Friday! I was able to catch Angel and Eclipse snuggled up with their girls. Eclipse with her Binky Sue and Angel with her Sweetpea. Although in the picture Angel looks a bit more like she is being held in a head lock, she really isn't being held against her will. Angel just looks that way because I started taking pictures and we all know that she just doesn't really care for that camera of mine. Eclipse on the other hand just loves curling up and being held by her Steph.
Since it has been almost a year with me having the Kodak P880, and I now know how it responds and have had lots of time to practice with each of the settings, I'm picking back up on where I was last year with taking photo's and giving myself some challenges for photography. At this time last year before the day of dropping my other camera to the cement, I was working on shooting just black and white photo's. So that is what I'm going back to for the month of January. What does this have to do with Feline Friday? Well, not a lot of anything other than due to the cats colors I think they look wonderful when shot with the right backgrounds in black and white. Plus I'm just letting everyone know what the pictures will be looking like here for the month.

Anyway, I'm posting this early here today since I actually already had the photo's ready to go last night. I will post link over to Steve's Feline Friday post later in the day once his is up. I hope that everyone has a great start to the weekend.

Link to Steve's for Feline Friday

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