Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cheybug...5 Words

Time for Cheybug and her 5 words. Going to post the same way as yesterday with Sweetpea's. So we are going to get started with Cheybug.
  • Messy
  • Kind
  • Smart
  • Cute
  • Accident Prone

Mom and Dad's 5 words;

  • Flibberty Jibbit
  • Drama Queen
  • Crafty
  • Outgoing
  • Inquisitive

Binky Sue and Sweetpea's 5 words;

  • Tall
  • Wimpyish
  • Sweet (every now and then)
  • Love (for her bears)
  • Hungry-Very!

Now that Cheybug has read the words that her sisters have picked for her I think it would be very safe to add Crabby to the list. Of all of the words on the list I think that Drama fits her the best. She keeps me on my toes with the ups and downs that is part of being in Cheybugs life.

Two down and just one more left to get done. So see you back here tomorrow for Binky Sue Thrusday. I hope that the week is going well for everyone.

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