Thursday, January 31, 2008

Poor Nami

Today I'm a bit sad. I'm not sure just what happened but my betta Nami died today. I knew this morning when I found him swimming upside down that there was something really not right with him. I held out some hope though over the day as he would seem to start swimming right, and then this afternoon there was about a 40 minute time period of insanity going on in his tank. From the top of the tank fast down to the bottom of the tank to slam his fishy face into the stones, then back up to the top with a flip out of the water. Well then came the one time that his flip at the top landed him outside of the tank and scaring Eclipse half to death. About 15 minutes after I got him back in his tank the end came for Nami. Little bug was upset to hear the news, but Sweetpea, Nennie and Billybob Bubba Todd said "It's just a fish" and then wanted to know if we were having fish sticks for dinner. (Oh they are just so very funny!!)

It was a burial at sea for poor Nami, and me being told by girls that I now had a reason to go out and buy another one. I still say my poor Nami though. I hope that everyone has been having a good week, and see you here tomorrow for Feline Friday.

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