Friday, January 18, 2008

Feline Friday without a home?

Eclipse is on edge about the thought of there being no Feline Friday to show of all of her cuteness at. Last week Steve announced he and Pickle are taking a blogging break till spring. We have to have our Feline Friday, so today I'm going to set up this entry with all of the links for this weeks felines. I cant have an on edge kitty kitty in this house after all. I can take the Feline Friday's till the 14th of March, but then due to 2 girls birthdays, family coming in for visit for this year's Sweet 16 of Sweetpea, and a birthday vacation trip to the Grand Canyon, and several other Arizona spots, I will not be able to do the rest of March. So if no one minds, we can give the felines a home here for a while. Besides it seems so fitting since my 2007 was all about giving the felines a temp home, at least these beautiful felines I don't have to go walking through the ravine in the back to save them from the coyotes.

Yes another picture of Eclipse reacting to the news about Feline Friday needing a home. She may even be laughing at me about trying to play host, and putting links in this entry. But here I go trying to get this done anyway.

Antonette posted a video of the Beautiful Sand Cat the cutest cat in the world.
Julie showed howMidnight spends her day. Very beautiful feline to go check out.
There that wasn't to painful for me to get done. Eclipse is really laughing at me now after watching me talk to myself trying to remember the html code for putting the links in. If you want to play along, just post an entry of your feline and leave a link in comments. If anyone else would like to host a Friday with the felines just let me know. I hope that everyone has a great start to the weekend.

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Cuidado said...

Ha! I didn't go to Steven's blog last week because I knew of the break but went there just now out of habit. Thank you for taking it on.

Here's Kenz, wanting to help the injured, left-handed photographer.