Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cheybug Wednesday

Yes, I'm continuing my Mom complaints about my girls today. The things that make me scratch my head and throw my hands up in the air in amazement. My biggest and continuing issue with Little Bug/Cheybug is messiness. Total complete mess! It doesn't even matter where she is. Any room in this house is possible to be hit by her attacks. Something as simple as sitting on the couch to have a quick snack while sitting talking to parents will leave a crumb mess like you have never seen before. Even from things that you wouldn't think it was possible for crumbs to fall from!! She goes through phases where the mess factor is higher than normal, and the last couple of weeks, well lets just say that we have reached all time new highs...or maybe it is all time new lows. I'm just so not sure anymore. I understand that things can be made a mess of and that is fine...but this child is like the queen of creating a mess. Oh and it isn't just here in the house. I dare anyone to go to school and take a look in her locker! Watch out though something might jump out at you and attack!!

This isn't to be mean, I really am amazed by this child and her ability to create a mess every where she goes. Nothing is safe from it. How can that be? The better part is that it is never her fault there is a mess, it must be someone else that is trying to frame her for it. It is like the cake in Oma's kitchen oh so many years ago, it wasn't Little bugs fault that she put her hands in and scooped out some, Oma left it on the counter after all.

I'm happy with what I have chosen for my entries this week. Slowly but surely as I sit typing these things here I'm feeling better. I'm sure as the children read them they are going to have other thoughts about them, but if it keeps me from pulling my hair out, I don't care! I hope that everyone has a great Wednesday! I off to run a million errands search for supplies, and will probably have more than a few messes to clean up. Enjoy the day everyone!

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