Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winding Down

I was going through pictures taken this month and found these taken out at Garden Canyon around the 14th of December. I had totally forgotten about there photo's. They were taken before I got asked to play photographer for the Santa with kids at the company Christmas party. Now that there isn't the Christmas Count down going on, I figured they would be a good post for tonight.
We had a great Christmas here, and ventured out shopping yesterday so the girls could use their gift cards that they got. (Note to self...remember not to go out the day after Christmas again!) All of the girls were very happy to find just what they wanted, and spent every dime of those cards. Due to holiday scheduling Todd has had this week off and will go into work tomorrow before the next long set of days off. His boss in the office figured one person per day for the whole day was the best way to go. (Need to remember to send him some treats!) We have all taken an after Christmas chill out attitude here. Amazing how quickly we can all perfect the art of doing nothing at all. About the only things getting done around here are the daily dishes, cooking, and taking care of pets. Oh yeah, and trying to figure out just what our New Year's Eve dinner plans are going to be. The girls are out of school till the 7th of January this year, so come next week I should be really hearing the sounds of children that have been home to many days in a row. I'm hoping that the weather warms up just a little bit so that we can maybe get outside for some small wandering adventures.

Well that is about all that is new for here. Tomorrow I may have to end my chill out days. That Christmas tree is screaming to be taken down here. Okay, so it isn't screaming, I am ending up yelling at dogs and cats way to much to stay away from it now that there isn't anything under it. I hope that everyone has a great Friday and start to yet another long holiday weekend.

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