Sunday, December 16, 2007

9 Days Till Christmas

Nine days till Christmas...and welcome to Grimmberg village. Also know as the white village or the snowman village. It always seems to be the first of the inside decorating that gets done. This year the girls worked extra hard with me on this village. The background is a dry pastel drawing that Paige did, and after we take the village down this year I am going to work very hard to make sure to find a safe place to store it. Steph and Chey took their poster board and worked with stickers and named our town. A good German name for the village that all the houses were bought in Germany. This village was comical one to get set up this year since I kept running into problems with the set up. Lights that worked and then didn't work. Lights that seemed to be 500 miles long that just didn't look right in the set up. Believe it or not this one little village took us a total of 5 hours to get set up. It is more than worth the time that it took though, because I keep catching kids sitting in front of it to just look at it. I just won't point that out to the two teenagers in this house that I keep seeing them sitting looking at it.

Since this was the first thing set up again this year, it was the one that triggered the question about "Just how old is some of this stuff Mom?" This is the first village that Todd bought for me. Half of it he had waiting for me when I arrived in Germany 2 weeks before Christmas in 1990. It was our second Christmas as a married couple, and our second Christmas with him in the Army. I was pregnant with Stephanie at the time and just made the deadline for being able to fly to Germany to be with my hubby. It was our very first Christmas without family, and the start of building our own traditions for the holiday. The second half of the village I got the following year. Our very first Christmas in Germany had 4 pieces of this little village and a very small live tree with just a few hand carved wooden ornaments that we picked up at the local Christkindles markt in Augsburg. Such a tiny little Christmas that first one was, but a great one because we were together and expecting our first baby just a couple months later. The small live tree tradition lasted for us the 3 years we were in Germany, because we were able to buy the trees with the roots and plant them after the holiday was over.

Okay enough of the walk down memory lane here this morning. After all we still have 8 more posts of the countdown to get through and more than enough time for strolling down memory lane.

I hope that everyone is having a good weekend and that all plans for the holiday are falling neatly into place for everyone. Have a great day and tomorrow a great start to the week.

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