Wednesday, December 19, 2007

7,6,5 days till Christmas

With the need to catch up because of missing 7 days till Christmas post, I figured I would not only catch up but post extra too. So you are getting the 7-6-5 days of Christmas all in one post. The topic for the girls this week; What is your favorite Christmas treat and Carroll?
Sweetpea's favorite treat is chocolate chip cookies. She would take off with the bags of chocolate chips if she could just sneak away with them...opps wait that is Steph. The 12 Days of Christmas and It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year are her favorite songs of the season. I personally don't care for the 12 Days one but that's okay, I can listen to it at least once.
Cheybug's favorite holiday treats are also the chocolate chip cookies.(I'm seeing a trend here that their Dad may not care to know about.) Favorite songs are Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle Bells, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Right now she has a nose as red as Rudolph's due to the cold that has invaded this house just in time for Christmas.
Binky Sue's favorite treats are all the pie's and cookies! It just depends on her mood on any given day as to which she likes more. Her favorite holiday songs are Silent Night, One Little Star in Time, and the every now and then Alvin and the Chipmunks song.
My favorite treats...anything that I don't have to bake!! Oh wait, I do like baking the stuff, it is just with the heavy load of all the different nuts that I don't care for. I enjoy the fact that the girls still get so excited about the baking and are right there to help Mom, even if it ends up with Mom having to tell them all to get out of the kitchen because their endless talking and singing has caused me to burn myself countless times. I love the smells of the house, and the smiles on the faces as they get the coveted "Got the first one" look on their faces with their siblings. My favorite Christmas songs, anything by Mannheim Steamroller, Silent night, Little Drummer Boy, I Sing many others really to sit and list out. I like the older versions from when I was a kid listening to them in my Mom's house.
Okay we now have yesterdays, today's, and tomorrows post made. No I'm not trying to speed up the countdown, but figured just in case I forget to sit down tomorrow I won't be missing another day. I hope that everyone is right where they want to be with their preparations for the holiday and that the week is moving at just the right speed for everyone. See you on Friday with a special guest appearance for the felines.

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