Thursday, December 6, 2007

Waisting Time

Oh the things I will do when I'm waisting time. My hopes for this week were to get things around for being able to pull out the Christmas decoration for this weekend. December 1st of every year get Paige started on me about the just when are we going to do this Mom? It's not that I don't love Christmas, because I do...I love what the whole season is supposed to be about. I just don't like what it seems to have become for so many other. The race to get that gift that people seem oh to ready to fight over. The decorating of a house just to out do a neighbor. People seem to forget to be kind this time of year. They smile less, they are crabby, and it is the non stop race. Every year I have a harder time getting started with my own. This year I will say it is going even slower than normal for me. Todd got the outside lights put up this weekend, and will finish them sometime tonight now that we have some new sets of lights to replace ones that just need to go. But I still cant find it in myself to drag out the inside stuff. I keep having the thought run through my head that I would rather just skip it all this year. Paige will not let me do that of course. Everyday it is the gentle to not so gentle pushing from her. She is trying to keep her Mom on track here. In a couple more days I'm sure it will become the not so gentle shoving from about getting this house decorated. Until then though I think I'm just going to watch the fish swim, because I'm just trying to waist time doing anything other than what I should be.

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