Sunday, December 23, 2007

Two Days Till Christmas

Two days till Christmas, and yes even the beta's area of the house got decorated! I really should have drug out one of my tripods to shoot the pictures of this and the lights outside, but since I was in the final trying to get stuff done around the house before Christmas Eve, I guess this will just have to do.
Yesterday was our go through the house cleaning so we don't have to do anything for a couple of days but enjoy time together. Oh wait, I will be doing lots of cooking and cleaning of the kitchen but that is a whole other thing. All three of the girls whipped through cleaning their rooms in record time. Kind of funny how presents sitting under a tree can have a speed up affect on them. I heard few words of complaints about folding laundry as it came out of the drier, and few words of compliant when I asked for some help scrubbing floors in the house. Ah the days before Christmas, the one time of the year that I find all children willing to help Mom with some chores! Steph and I mixed up Grandma Joan's sugar cookie recipe so that the dough has more than enough time to chill. Chey and Paige opted to stand on the sidelines for that one since they really weren't feeling all that well. The sugar cookies are the sign that Christmas is really close. We roll them out and bake them on Christmas Eve every year. They are Santa's favorites! When they were younger it was sugar cookies and coffee that they had to leave for Santa every Christmas Eve. I always found it funny that they never wanted to leave anything chocolate out for Santa, like they already knew that Santa wouldn't eat it. If you ask the girls now about Santa they will tell you that they know who Santa is, and they believe that Santa is in each and every one of us, we just have to choose to do the kind giving things during the Christmas season.
To avoid the 3:30 a.m. wake by Paige and Chey yet again this year, I have planned for them to sleep out by the Christmas tree this year. Both of them are tickled to no end about this idea. Sleeping with the tree lights on?! What could be better than that? Chey cant wait to hear Paige tell her stories...about what I really cant say because they are never shared with anyone but those two. It is like some secret yearly thing when an older sister sits and tells stories to a younger sister who is just hanging on every single word. It has been that way since Chey was just little and if I asked I only get to hear "She was just telling me a story". If I'm really quiet though, I can sometime sneak out and manage to get a sweet picture of the two of them. Paige with her arm around Chey, and Chey leaning her head on her big sisters shoulder.
Anyway, since I have the feeling of starting to ramble on here this morning, I'm going to end this post now. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Sunday, and everyone stay warm. If you find that you have to venture out to a store today, just stay safe.

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