Friday, December 21, 2007

Four Days Till Christmas With A Special Feline

With four days left till Christmas, I can sure say that this has been one heck of a week here. Kids are sick with colds and getting through finals at school this week. Todd and I of course caught the same colds and Todd is just trying to get through work this week. Me I'm just trying to finish up stuff around here for Christmas. Sick dogs to take care of too, so why wouldn't I take time out to save yet another stray animal from our back ravine area? I mean I wasn't really doing all that much anyway. This little feline girl isn't joining our zoo here though. Noel is what the girls called her right away. I found her Tuesday night while outside with a dog being chased through the ravine by coyotes. The dog made a big enough of a barking mad noise to scare off the coyotes. After getting puppy settled back in the house I grabbed a flash light and went for a walk to try to find their prey. Before anyone comments on that not being the smartest thing in the world...I'm aware of that...but I'm not about to stand by and let some small pet be killed just because their owner isn't smart enough to keep them in the house or worse that they just abandoned her. Anyway, this little girl by best guess is maybe 6-7 months old and about 5-6 weeks pregnant. I could see the look on Todd's face and hear it in the words that he spoke to me about not being able to keep this little girl. Noel proved to be a hard decision for me Tuesday night. What to do? I usually take any of the strays that I find to a gal in Huachuca city who has tons of rescue groups that she works with. But Tuesday night was already cold and going to get a lot colder, and Noel was already so cold I could see her shaking. My other thought jumped to the fact that since she is so young and pregnant that she needed to be seen by a vet fairly quickly. My choice was to call the base MP's and have them come out and get her. Not a choice I was totally happy with because I know from the MP's they go to the base vet, and then it is off to the shelter for the animals, and not just any shelter but the kill shelter in town. I fed her till she didn't want to eat anymore and made sure she had lots of fresh water to drink till she was happy while we waited for them to come and get her. Once they got here I made them take extra time to listen to me talk about just how sweet this little girl is. How happy she was to have someone hold her, pet her, give her warmth. They either would think I was crazy or maybe it would help her.
Wednesday morning I got a call from a friend who is a MP here on base, and he told me that Noel had been taken over to the vet and checked out, and that she is going to be spending the next couple of weeks till she has her babies right there and till the babies are ready to be weened from Mommy. So if you are in Arizona and have a feeling of wanting a wonderful, sweet feline think of Noel. I'm sure she would love a home where she can be warm and not worry about having to run from wild things that want to kill her.

It is time for all of the wonderful felines over at Steve's again this week. I'm posting this one pretty early here today so will hopefully get back here later to post the link over to him. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend heading into Christmas.

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