Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well we tried Little Bug

I posted on the 29th of November about Cheyenne's appointment with the neurologist in Tucson and lowering her depakote. Well last Monday I got a call from the school nurse about mid morning because of something going on with Chey. It turned into a 2 day thing for Chey and a headache that is some how connected and always has been, sticking around into this week. Today I got another call and the words "Mrs. G. we have an issue with Cheyenne here". So off to the school again this week to get Little Bug. Once she was home and settled into bed she had two more seizures. A phone call to her doctor which has still yet to be returned, and as of tomorrow morning doctors input or not I'm adding back the amount that we took away on the 30th of November. We tried his route last week of wait and see if it levels back out, and I didn't think last week that it would and I know for a fact this week that it isn't.
Chey is upset about having missed 2 1/2 days of school in the last 7 days, and more upset about not being able to keep lowering her medicine right now. Both Todd and I talked to her tonight though and pointed out that we cant watch her keep going through this, and since we know what was working, we need to get back to that.
I called the doctor today to talk to him about this, but only heard back from his nurse this afternoon and here at 9:15 pm haven't heard anything back. I'm not really looking for his say so on this one...but did want to give him a heads up about what is going on, and now I'm making the choice. At 750 mg we had control and at 500 mg we are losing control. Time to get some control back for my Little Bug.

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