Friday, December 14, 2007

Eleven Days till Christmas...Feline Friday

Just eleven days left till Christmas, and I know one thing that I will not be trying again for next Friday's feline picture...I will not be trying to pose either of the cats in this house again! It would have been funny if anyone else had been in the house to see the girls trying to help Mom with several different ideas for Christmas themed photo's with the cats, but it terrified all of us that were trying to get them posed. Angel and Eclipse move very fast when they are upset and not liking things that are going on. When they really don't like things they are vocal...very, very vocal! Put it together and you end up fearing for your very life with the sister cats. The one and only picture that I got last night was of Angel leaping out of a box and letting all of us know just how not happy she was with us.

It's Feline Friday time again over at Steve's so head on over there and check out all of this weeks felines.

I will be back again tomorrow to continue the Christmas count down. I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

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