Monday, December 10, 2007

Let the 15 Days Till Christmas Count Down Start

Time for the 15 days till Christmas count down to start. I'm glad that I did the pre-post yesterday because it helped me come up with a list of possible subjects for the next 15 days. The girls are already working on their topic for this week and planning their pictures.
I'm going to start with "What is the oldest ornament in this house" question from this weekend with the decorating. The little angel in the picture wins hands down for the ones that hang on the tree every year. She was made by my Mom when she was about 5 or 6 years old. That makes this little angel 52-53 years old this year. I can remember this little angel sitting near the top of every tree when I was a child. It was a huge deal to get her from her non Christmas sitting spot and find just the right place on the tree to place her. Always near the top, and always just about centered. Since she came into our house several years ago, it has continued the same way. The sign that the tree is perfect and done is when she comes out of her place where she sits the rest of the year.
There are a couple of angels in this house that are probably older, which the girls have tried to talk me into putting out. They however stay in a safe place year round since the last time they would put out. Cats and small delicate things are not always such a great combination. Joan gave them to me and they were Grandma Halls. But like I said best for those to stay in their safe place.
So now that the count down is started, what is your favorite or oldest ornament? When you get it out of storage does it always bring to mind a great memory of Christmas past? Is there one that is the sign that the decorating is perfect as it is and done?
I hope that everyone had a great weekend, and that this week doesn't pass to quickly so that we can all have enough time to get our last 15 days till Christmas stuff done.

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