Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Oh My

It's cold outside this morning but the winds have finally calmed. The little of everything weather yesterday continued till late last night. Today will probably be a day of clean up for lots of people in this area. I know on our circle there is an uprooted tall skinny evergreen that is going to need to be taken care of, several of the road signs are going to need work, and there is a street light that is listing that I'm sure the people who live in the house that it is in front of are going to want checked. Looking around late yesterday afternoon there is a ton of things that belong in backyards that people are sure to be wandering to find and return.

The local paper ran two stories about the weather for yesterday this morning which if you want to you can read by clicking on the links.

Mother Nature


As far as I was able to tell on my first trip outside this morning with Mia, we still didn't have anything more than a lot of extra twigs down in our area. I am glad that I didn't have Todd put up the Christmas lights earlier this week though. From looking around at everyone who had already decorated, we would have probably had quiet a few broken bulbs to replace.

Again for family and friends in the Midwest that got hit with a worse winter storm, stay warm and safe, and everyone have a great Sunday.

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