Thursday, December 13, 2007

Binky Sue...The favorites and dislikes

Let the singing begin there are only 12 more days till Christmas. I don't really think Binky Sue was getting ready to break out into song, but the picture sure kind of has that look. Steph was kind enough to write out her list of likes and dislikes for me so that I could get this one posted earlier in the day.


  • Setting up the white village (Which will be showing up on here in the next couple of days.)
  • Food...the sweets are a real favorite though
  • Giving to see others smile
  • Good reason for keeping secrets from others (Only time to keep secrets from others is what she actually has written down.)
  • All the gifts (She has this listed as least important to her)


  • Setting up the Christmas tree
  • Untangling the lights, tinsel
  • 50 million ornaments
  • Siblings waking you up at 3:30 a.m. on Christmas day every year
  • Wrapping paper trash

Now for a big YAY out of my, they all did great with setting up their own picture shots and actually got this one done. Now I need to see about getting them to help me with pictures of cats for Christmas themed feline photo for tomorrow. I hope that every ones shopping, baking and general getting ready for the holiday is going well. Have a great day!

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