Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 in Review

I have spent a good share of time tonight going through pictures that I have taken this year. Thanks Gina for the idea of picking out my favorite pictures of the for this bad there are way to many!! Instead I have added some more pictures to my side bar.

With only one more day left of 2007 I think I can say that this has been a pretty good year. We had several milestones passed this year...Steph turning 16, Todd having 2 more years till being in the Army for 20 years. Todd and I being together as a couple for 20 years, married for 18 years. Chey coming down from 2000 mg of depakote daily to a mere 750 mg. Sitting and doing Steph's very last IEP! Paige getting her first piece of art work into the district show. We have all enjoyed this year even with the ups and downs.

There were lots of prayers sent out this year, and thank you to anyone reading on the old journal when I asked everyone to help send the prayers. Gina has a beautiful son, who even with the long road ahead for him due to the surgeries he will still have to have, is perfect in every way. Christy is doing well again after scaring the life out of me this year. Kristen and kids are doing well again, and are working on making a new life for the new year. They aren't the only one's that I thought of this year, but they ranked up there on the list for daily thoughts and prayers.

The new year is going to bring yet another baby to the family since my sister Nellie is pregnant and engaged! I've already started with the prayers for a very healthy new little one, and for a good long marriage for her...she has more than earned the right to be happy.

We are going to do our every New Year's Eve here, stay home and cook something good to eat. Steph will be going out to the movie with friends for an early birthday celebration for one of them. Otherwise the thought is to just stay home and spend time with each other. I hope that tomorrow finds everyone spending time with the people that they love. Have a great, safe New Year's Eve!!

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