Monday, December 17, 2007

Eight Days Till Christmas

Eight more days till Christmas!! The thought "Let the super mad dash begin" comes to mind right now. I'm just happy that all of my mad dashing is done since we did our grocery shopping yesterday, and I know have the thought that if we don't have it...we don't need it!
Today's pictures are of the Santa Village, and to me not all that great of pictures. I was stuck in a bit of a bull headed frame of mind when shooting these and refused to take the camera off of the manual setting. This is the village that Chey helps me set up. Actually she sets most of this one up because she does such a great job with all of the people.

Cheyenne likes hearing about this one while we work. This one is all of the pieces of a village that I bought for my own Mom when I was a teenager. Every house in it was bought for her over several Christmas years. About 6 years ago she gave it to me to add to our own house. Cheyenne fell in love with it right away when she was 6. She would sit in front of this one talking about Santa and his elves and just how very busy they must be working leading up to Christmas. She would say looking at it was like looking into Santa's world. Paige has spun many tales in front of this one for her baby sister, which would always have Chey hanging on every word that she said.

What you don't see in these pictures is the fact that over the years a lot of these little people have had to be fixed because of falls that have happened because of kids or animals getting to close. But none of the girls want me to find new pieces for it. They like it just how it is, and want it to stay that way.
I hope that everyone has a great Monday, and see you back here tomorrow for the count down.

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