Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sweetpea Tuesday...Favorite things about Christmas

Fourteen days till Christmas, and a return of the girls on their days. Sweetpea's favorite about the Christmas holiday...well her idea for her picture is because of how funny watching people trying to wrap presents can be for her. She also enjoys the fact that while wrapping people get sent to their rooms to keep presents a secret till Christmas day. She enjoys wrapping the presents every year because of the amount of laughter that goes on while it is getting done.

Paige also loves the unexpected surprises that Christmas morning gift opening can bring. Some really good and other's just to priceless as the look on faces is just way to funny for words. (Paige will never forget the ice cube trays from last year!) The worst part of Christmas for Paige is having to clean up all of the wrapping paper after the tearing frenzy is over.

The girls have all be asked to figure out their own picture shots for this week to go with their posts. I think Paige did a great job with her set up for hers today and it seems to go very well with her favorites about Christmas. I hope that everyone is having a good week and see you again tomorrow with the count down.

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