Wednesday, February 4, 2009


IMG_2198, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Because I didn't get out to any of the canyons today I felt the need to take a picture of something. Plus since I finally got through all of the archiving and deleting of pictures that I don't need on the hard drive of the computer any more, the deal with myself of not picking up the camera was fulfilled. I really didn't want to post yet more pictures of sunset, and tonight wasn't all that spectacular anyway, so a picture of something that I think made Army Guy happy today. A box with parts for his bike came today so he is out working on putting new things on his bike. I asked his permission first of course, and promised not to include him in all his greasy, trying to wreck a new shirt he just got this week, glory. But it does bring to mind a question of just why do guys always seem to work on something while wearing something new? Now I'm pretty good with the laundry and any stains that I cross paths with, but why?

If you haven't guessed yet I really either need to set up something to take pictures of, or even better get out of this house and go take some pictures. I hope that everyone has had a good Wednesday.

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