Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soaking up some sun

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No these are not in the sculpture garden. The town of Tubac is filled with shops and galleries, and these huge sunflowers are out in front of the Iron Works shop along with lots of other beautiful things. Glider swings made from iron with inlaid tile seats...oh and Grandpa Napoleon better watch out because Grandma Josephine really liked a couple of those. Only problem would be just how to get them back home without the truck collapsing under the weight. The craftsmanship on this stuff was just incredible. Some of the prices were just as incredible. But once again wandering around looking and seeing so much talent and so many artistic mediums has Sweetpea is awe.

Today is going to be yet another busy day for me here in Arizona. I asked Army Guy out on a date today, and we are heading over to the farmer's market and then hopefully if there is still time before he has to be back to work, out to lunch. This afternoon is the ever dreaded yearly eye exams for the girls, and the possibility that we will be paying the monthly rent for the shop that we are going to. Just one year I would like to hear the words from Dr. D that none of their prescriptions have changed. However, since that hasn't happened in the last 5 years, I'm not about to go holding my breath. So I'm sure by tonight there will be yet again 3 new sets of glasses in this house. The rest of my free time today isn't so free since I have some house cleaning things that I need to get done, and keeping a watchful eye on someone new in the house. But I will share more about that tomorrow possibly. I hope that everyone has a good day, and if it is possible get out and soak up some of the suns warm rays.

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Anonymous said...

Yummy,yummy! Those strawberries would probably be absolutely divine in a cake!!! Love the pictures of the mission are beautiful even after Satan's friends trashed it.