Friday, February 20, 2009

Healing each other's hearts Part 1

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In the days following Eclipses death, I found myself just wanting to help my Binky Sue deal with it things in whatever way she felt she needed to. It was pointed out to her that grieving has no rules, and it is for each individual to find their own best way healing. On Tuesday of last week when she got home from school, and another day filled with tears, she wanted to take all things that reminded her of her Eclipse to donate at the tiny little shelter in Huachuca City where we got Miss Trinity from. I didn't argue with her, I just grabbed my purse and said let's go then. The ride was silent except for yet more tears falling from my baby girl. When we got to the shelter she cried even more tears and at that point I really didn't think that it was possible for that. Working that day at the shelter was a very kind man though. He looked at Binky Sue and asked her about her cat that she was crying for, and told her about his own cat that had not all that long ago passed away also. He told her about blaming himself for not seeing sooner that something was wrong, for wondering if he had done enough, for wondering if he had been a good enough of an owner. Then he told her they are the thoughts that go through every owners mind that truly loves these little fur babies that we bring into our lives. He pointed out to her that shelters were filled with the little ones that didn't know an owners love. He invited her to spend some time with the few cats that were out there, and told her that for him spending time seeing with them after losing his own cat had helped to heal his heart. We spent some time there watching, playing with the cats and then Binky Sue looked at me and said she needed to leave. I thanked him for his words, and his help and we got in the car to head home. On the way home Binky Sue told me about looking at cats in the shelters the night before while crying and trying find some comfort any where. She asked if we could head down to the Sierra Vista shelter because there was someone there that she wanted to see.

At this point in time let's fast forward to Wednesday of last week and the trip to the Sierra Vista shelter. We walked in and got instructions about what to do in the cat area of the shelter, and without any asking Binky Sue walked right to the kennel of a little cat that to say was shy would not come anywhere close to describing this cat. The lady from the shelter that helped us pointed out that she didn't seem to want human attention and always just hide or would shy away from human touch. Binky Sue stepped up the the kennel and an amazing thing happened...the cat came right out into her arms. Even more amazing to the lady was that in the play room the cat didn't run to hide, she stayed right with Binky Sue wanting to be petted, held and loved. Binky Sue sat there with her for about 30 minutes, of course more tears and suddenly I could see the debate going on in her mind. She looked at me and asked me if it would be wrong to want to give this little one a home and love so soon after losing her Eclipse. I told her it was going to have to be her call, and that no matter what the choice I would support her. Binky Sue asked that I see what we would need to do to be able to adopt this little shy girl, but to ask if she could delay just a little bit. At that point in time the conversation began with the lady that was helping us. She was convinced that the cat was meant to be with us in our home. She had never seen the cat react to anyone like she did with my little girl. I filled out the paper work and started asking question about why this little one was there. What all we needed to do if Binky Sue made the final choice to bring her home, and other basic things. We left without her that day because there was one thing that I needed to get done, and Binky Sue wanted more time.

Now I'm going to let you know that this is going to be a two part posting, even though on the blog the second one will be on top.

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