Friday, February 27, 2009

Feline Stand Off

IMG_2826, originally uploaded by torri_g.

First let me say that this is not the best picture that I shot last night of the cats, but it is the one that pretty much sums up just what Miss Angels feelings are about Gypsy. Their first meeting took place earlier in the week with Gypsy Rose wrapped up in a towel and Mom carrying her around the house. Angels very first thought about the new cat...hiss and run! As I told you in last weeks entry's, Gypsy has had one heck of a hard life up to this point in time, and we are trying to let her show us when she is ready for the next steps. Gypsy was not fazed by Angel's reaction to her at all. She just laid in my arms looking at Angel. Gypsy had a bath to try to remove the horrible smell of the lyme dip that she had recieved. Think smell of burnt hair and multiply it by a factor of 10 and you will have a ruff idea of what poor Gypsy smelled like.

Last night was the best night of the meetings between the two felines. Angel only hissed once, and was willing to get closer to Gypsy to check her out. We have realized that Gypsy needs to have a safe zone to be tucked into. Her biggest safe zone is Binky Sue's bedroom. The corner of the couch is her safe zone while out right now. Last night we saw less trembling in fear from her, and a willingness to let Angel put a paw up near her to touch her. Gypsy isn't making any kind of moves and I think in time Angel will accept her, even if it is only from a distance.

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