Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In the sculpture garden

Ascent by Gary Lee Price, originally uploaded by torri_g.

"Grab hold, And take this hand that Reaches out to you. Look up Into my eyes; My spirit Cries out to you: Friendship is my thought. Let us climb The jagged cliffs of life And fight the ascent of Opposition together. If I can lift you today, You will look back And grab the hands of a thousand more. That is the way The Great Spirit would have it" ~~Howard Rainer

The picture is of one of the many sculptures in the garden at the Karin Newby Gallery in Tubac. The artists name is Gary Lee Price, and several pieces of his work are in the gallery garden and after the fact I have realized that I was drawn to take pictures of just about all of his pieces of work. I will be posting more picture them this week and just so everyone knows...the Monet Bench picture that I posted yesterday with Sweetpea sitting on the bench is by the same artist. This one is one of my favorites though. As we entered the sculpture garden the back of this was facing us. As I was walking towards it looking at it I was trying to figure out just what it was. From the back it looks an arrow head. I think all of us were very surprised and taken with this piece as we walked around to the front of it and saw it. I know Sweetpea was going on about all of the detail and how beautiful it was. Reading the artists description of the piece over here this morning...has me enjoying this piece even more. Now I'm not sure that the link will take you directly to his work, but I have given you his name and you can find it on the list of artists, view more and read more about each piece. The quote above is included in his description and honestly I don't think there is a better one to be found to go with it. So click the link and go enjoy more of this artist or any of the several other's over there.

I hope that everyone has a good Tuesday, and see you back here tomorrow for some more art.

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