Monday, February 16, 2009

How About a Day of Learning from Monet?

Learning from Monet, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Today was a very beautiful day here in Arizona. So why not turn it into a total day of beauty and some sitting with Monet? Alright so it was just a statue of him sitting painting but Sweetpea thought it was the best. Grandpa and Grandma took us all out on a day trip to the town of Tubac, which is filled with all things art. Every where you turn there is a gallery, or a shop, heck just walking up and down the streets in the town there is art all around. To my Sweetpea, there is nothing better in the world than a day surrounded by art. She knows now just what she wants to do for her birthday, and it involves a trip being made back to Tubac for a whole day of wandering, and taking in all of the sights. I'm thrilled with the trip out today because there are a couple hundred new photo's of things that have never been shared.

Late this afternoon was spent with a 34 pound highly irritated Mia at the vet's office for shot's and check up. I'm not real sure just what happened to my sweet puppy and how good she was with going to the vet's office, but I can say time there must be some calming doggy drugs given before I will be willing to head into another vet's office. Oh and I'm really disappointed with the vet's office because I'm sure that the whole problem really got going because there was no talking to her. It was rush, rush, rush...and can we hurry up and get this done. I don't think any animal I would have had in there would have acted any differently.

I hope that everyone had a great start to the week, and that this will be a week filled with good things for all of us.

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