Friday, February 20, 2009

Healing each others hearts Part 2

Healing each other's hearts, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Now for the introduction and the story so far of one little kitty. On Tuesday of this week Binky Sue and I returned to the shelter because...well because Binky Sue wanted to see if little shy cats reaction to her would be the same and if her own feelings about her were the same. We got to the shelter and found the cat area closed due to being disinfected because one of the new cats cleared to be in with the rest of them actually had ring worm. Binky Sue hearing about all the cats needing to be lyme dipped made the choice right on the spot that she wanted to bring little shy cat home that day! If you have never smelled about 40 cats after being treated for ring worm, be happy because the smell is one that will take your breath away. We quickly got the rest of our paper work done, and then the hunt for just where was little shy kitty began. Rows and rows of small kennels with cats meowing to be let out had to be passed and in the very back on a bottom row little miss shy was found hiding, loaded into the kennel that we brought with us and her trip home was made.

Miss Gypsy Rose became a part of our family on Tuesday February 17, 2009. Gypsy wasn't her original name, but after hearing that in her very short life she had been returned to the shelter three times because she was "to shy of a cat, that hid to much" the name was suggested by my Mom. For Gypsy's age all we really know is that she is at least one years old, maybe just a little past that. In the first six hours of having Miss Gypsy in the house, I realized that there were things that either no one at the shelter had noticed or didn't tell me about. Binky Sue and I set about trying to brush out her severely matted fur that first night, and I realized that her tail had been broken in three different spots. While working on her side I realized there was just an oh so slight little bump area on one of her ribs. Wednesday at the vet's exam my thoughts were confirmed that little Miss Gypsy had at some point in time suffered a broken rib that had been left to heal on it's own. Her visit to the vet on Wednesday turned into a angry night mare for me for several other reasons though. I will not name the vet's office that she had to be taken to, because I think it is enough to say that I can't stand this office and avoid taking any animal to it. However, the rules for the shelter is that all adopted animals have to make one last visit to them after their adoption. It is a drop off and leave thing, and you hear the words "We will get to her when we have time". By noon they had "gotten around" to her and I was called to come get her. I got the news about the prior broken rib and the confirmation about the tail and it's three prior breaks. I got the news that she was in good health, and then I got the news that the kitty who had just been vaccinated in this office in December 2008, was given every shot except for her rabies yet again! There was already real reason why I don't like that place and after Wednesday there are even more. I made a call to the shelter telling them about the broken rib and the three breaks in the tail, because I felt someone should know. There were several other phone calls made and received as people wanted to say they were sorry for things done to this poor little girl. There was one phone call received asking if I wanted to transport her yet again to be examined by someone else, which triggered a final explosion from me. I believe the words were this little cat has suffered enough at the hands of humans, and that it was time for Miss Gypsy to have the chance to start having a good loving life. Everyone finally agreed that it probably would be best for just that to happen.

Gypsy has been told it is time for her to be the cat that she wants to be. That if hiding is what she wants to do, then feel free to hide as much and as long as she wants. If she wants to join the rank of the spoiled princesses that live in this house, then that is fine too. She has been told that she can be as demanding, as loud, as playful, as anything she wants. She has also been told that there will be no more hurtful hands touching her. That all she will feel when humans touch her from her on out is love. Gypsy has also been told that if the only one she ever loves is Binky Sue that is fine with the rest of us. We know that in time probably much like Eclipse, she will learn to at least tolerate the rest of us and our presence here. Gypsy is right now confined to just Binky Sue's bedroom. We are going to be taking it very slow with this shy little girl and introducing her to the rest of the house. While in the protection of Binky Sue's arms she has met every human in this house and has made it very clear that right now Binky Sue is the only one she is willing to trust. I don't know just what it is about my Binky Sue that draws people and animals like Gypsy to her, but I'm glad that they seem to know that they are safe with her. The sad angry eyes of of this kitty are already changing some. The sad tear filled eyes of Binky Sue are doing the same. They are healing each others hearts a little with each day that passes.


Cuidado said...

's a really lovely story. The love will turn her around. It may take a while but she will mend.

Suzanne R said...

Thank you for telling the story of Binky Sue and the rest of you adopting Gypsy. She will return your love, I am convinced of it.