Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In the sculpture garden again

IMG_2390, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Circle of Peace 5 by Gary Lee Price

Just one more visit to the sculpture garden before moving on with other pictures. You can go to the link in yesterdays post to find the artist and his story for his inspiration for this piece. I didn't think to get a picture while standing closer up to the piece and looking down at the ground till after we had left the garden. The reason I should have was in the sandy dirt where this one was placed, there were what looked like scuff marks from their shoes giving it a feeling of real motion. As if they just stopped waiting for you to take their hands and join in the fun with them. Of course looking at the pictures I do have of this one has given me other idea's on how to go about shooting pictures of it next trip out.

I hope that everyone is having a good week, and see you back here tomorrow with a different area of Tubac.

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