Friday, May 1, 2009

All things Angel

Angel, originally uploaded by torri_g.

In the after math of losing Eclipse, I was worried and Angel and how she was dealing/not dealing with the loss of her sister. Here we are now about a week shy of hitting three months since that day, and I'm so worried but confused by this kitty cat anymore. She is still all things Angel, but she seems to have adopted a few...heck more than a few traits that only Eclipse showed. The tearing open packages of human food left on a cabinet, the endless stalking of her girl, the curling up to be held when you sit down on the couch, the curling up on my computer tower while I sit working on something. The list really goes on and on but she has also maintained the things that have always made her Angel. One of those things returned yesterday with her climbing to the top of a door to balance and wait for me to walk by. If you have never had a cat come at you for the top of a door, be very happy about that! She used to do it more often a couple of years ago, and it was like the sign that she was really mad at me. Yesterday it was as if it were her giving me a sign that she was okay and still my Angel "Airborne Death From Above" kitty cat. She still won't pose the way that Eclipse would, and picks the most difficult areas for me to try to get a photo of her to spend her time in, but I think the pain that she may have felt of losing her sister is easing some. I also think that since she really doesn't have another cat to play with during the day because Gypsy Rose will not come out of the room unless Binky Sue brings her out, Angel may be thinking that she is part dog and needs to be leader of that pack in this house. Ever seen a 8 pound cat jump in the middle of a battle between a 34 pound dog and a 68 pound dog and win? Well, I have in recent weeks, and either the cat is insane or she just really believes that she is one of the dogs.

Alright it is Friday and time to head over to visit Pickle and Steve and see all of the wonderful animals that stop by to visit them. If you want to play along all you have to do is post your own and leave a link in comments. I hope that everyone has a great Friday and great weekend.


Steven said...

I'll bet it's knowing Gypsy Rose is in the house yet not accessible. I too know the "Airborne Death From Above" kitty as Pickle cat used to do that. He's calmed way down and now only attacks my eyes when I'm dreaming.

Suzanne R said...

Poor Angel -- I feel for her, especially if she was very close to her sister kitty who is gone. Socksie does the walking on the top of the door thing but she doesn't attack me while up there, thank goodness! She has her other times and places.