Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Little more focus on me please!

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During this last month Sweetpea has been the quiet one. The one who had no days to add to the already busy calendar. The one who if you were not very careful, you might have forgotten her. I didn't though because during the month of insanity I saw her pushing to been seen and heard. Things that typically bother the living daylights out of her, I saw her doing and enjoying. There usually is nothing worse for Sweetpea than having to spend time with a crowd of people, but not only did she do it a couple of times, she laughed and enjoyed being a part of it. I love every time this little girl throws me a curve ball on how I think she is going to deal with things.

Sweetpea's school year came to a much quieter end this year. Finals were taken, last day done, and the sigh of now being a senior in high school. There has already been a couple of talks about senior year and all the lessons learned this year for time frames for getting stuff done. Sweetpea may not want to be a senior this year, but I know she will adapt and roll with all the things that are going to quickly come at her, because that is what I'm seeing more and more of with her. Plus I think there may be a huge part of her that really loves the idea that her senior year is the only huge thing this coming school year, and her shinning moments will not have to be shared with siblings.

I hope that everyone is having a good week, and tomorrow will be about Binky Sue and all things graduation.

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