Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wildfire confusion

IMG_5131, originally uploaded by torri_g.

The "Canelo" wildfire burning just outside of the west gate area of base. Now other than being able to say that with certainty there isn't much else that can be said with any kind of certainty if you pay attention to the news. One story says 5,000 acres have been burnt, another says 700. Call my silly but there is a huge difference between those two. One story says human started, another says controlled burn gone bad. Now for the real dish from someone that is in the know, well actually second hand from Army Guy who has a friend that works with the Pallomina fire department. It is a human caused fire, and as of sunset last night they were doing a good job of getting this fire contained. The most accurate count of acres burnt is the 5,000 acres. There have been evacuations done out in the area, and so far the count of people hurt due to the fire is one who had to be flown out. The planes were flying non-stop yesterday during the day dumping fire retardant on it, right up until sunset. The small black spot in the sky in the photo is one of the planes. There are lots of different reports about just when this fire got started, but right now there seem to be quite a few wildfires burning so I guess the when really doesn't matter as much. Wildfire season has gotten started very early in Arizona, and since there really hasn't been any kind of real precipitation for months, it is probably going to get worse before the monsoon sets in. Hopefully this big fire will be contained sometime today, and everyone in the area will continue to be safe.

I hope that everyone is having a good week, and pray for safety for everyone working to contain this fire, for the people who have lost their homes due to the fire, and for those waiting to return to their homes.

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