Saturday, May 30, 2009

Alaska visitors

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I'm continuing with the posting of pictures from graduation last week. Today's is the visiting Bee family from Alaska. F-City and Mama Bee flew in for a real whirlwind trip here in Arizona. They landed Wednesday and were back out by Saturday morning. I can not believe how much Miss F-City has grown since last April. When they got here I was in the kitchen working on dinner and turned around to a huge hug from little girl who just isn't so very little anymore! I grow. However, I think to grow so much in just one short year is just wrong! With Mam Bee comes her laughter, and after hearing if for several days when it was gone it made my heart ache a bit. The Bee boys stayed in Alaska for some "male" bonding and from the sounds of it had a pretty good time. I wish there had been more time for just hanging out and talking, but hey we knew it was going to be a busy non stop type of trip before they even got here.

Tomorrow I will wrap up this photo posting of graduation with pictures of Binky Sue with Grandparents, then I'm just going to have to try to come up with some other pictures. I hope that everyone had a very good and relaxing Saturday.

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