Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last day of April

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This has certainly been a month that has flown by. I'm afraid that May is going to go even quicker though. End of the month means time for me to back up the pictures that I have taken over the course of the month and time to do some computer clean up. It also means that it is time for me to sit down and work on the list of all the things that I need to get done before graduation week. (Boy is that a list that I'm so not looking forward to making.) Top of the list is getting the announcements completed and ready for mailing next week. Next is getting the final picture taken and put on the party invitation, then getting them printed and given to Binky Sue and Army Guy for handing out. Oh but there is also 8th grade prom shopping to be done, and the hunt for perfect shoes and other accessories for Little Bug. Wait can't forget the hunt for the perfect shoes to go with Binky Sue's graduation dress. There is also a stack of paper work sitting waiting for me to get around to filling out for Mia and her "Big dog" training classes before the next class on Saturday. Oh yeah and can not forget to pick up my phone and call the hospital appointment line and stay on hold yet again this week for at least an hour so I can leave yet another message for my doctor to call about fixing an issue with the wait I fixed the issue with that now my issue is with the doctor and I want that fixed. Yeah...May is going to be an incredibly busy month.

I hope that everyone has been having a good week, and I will be back to posting felines, furballs, and feathers as of tomorrow. Have a great Thursday!

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