Friday, May 8, 2009

All things Gypsy

Gypsy Rose, originally uploaded by torri_g.

Hmm...let's see where do I start with all things Gypsy? No where really, because Miss Gypsy still doesn't make many trips out of the room to the rest of the house. She will sit by the door waiting for Binky Sue to return to the room, but once the door is open she is off to her hiding spot till the door is closed again. It isn't that she doesn't trust the rest of the members of the house, she just could care less that we are here. We can get her carried out to the living room and she will tolerate sitting on the couch and low crawling to other spots in the house, but she just doesn't want to spend that much time out of her comfort zone. Things that have changed about Gypsy since she came into the house...she know sounds like a cat when she meows, not like the duck that she did sound like. She can chew and eat anything crunchy without pain, and actually chews it before swallowing. She doesn't flinch away every time someone other than Binky Sue tries to pet her. The biggest change? She jumps! She has truly become the cat that she always should have been allowed to be. She has even mastered the feline art of bugging her human while she is trying to sleep at night. While it still breaks my heart to think about what horrible things were done to Miss Gypsy, it is wonderful to see how quickly she has learned that she is loved by Binky Sue.

It is time to head over to visit Steve and Pickle and all of the wonderful animals that gather over there on Fridays. Remember if you want to play along all you have to do is post your own and leave a link in comments.

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