Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday morning catch up

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Busy weekend kept me from posting anything, but I have some time here this morning. This week shouldn't be to bad because other than today there isn't anything on the schedule. Oh wait that is because everything that is going to keep me busy this week has to deal with things around the house! Like getting boxes off of the front patio and to drop off for donation, and getting pictures of Binky Sue in her cap and gown to finish working on her party invitations, printing them, gluing them, stuffing in envelopes, and getting into the hands of Binky Sue and Army Guy to get them handed out. There is also the long list of things around the house that I need to work on. Like the box of filing/shredding that is actually screaming out my name to be dealt with. Then there is just basic cleaning to get done, although I'm pretty sure right now my desk is past the basic clean stage yet again and right into needing a major overhaul. You know you have a busy month in this house when each person is assigned a specific color of marker. That way I know with just a glace from across the kitchen just who has something that day. Even the people heading into town and out of town were given their own marker color. (Now that is super special!) To say that I'm going to busy is really close to being an understatement, so if I'm not posting on a regular basis at least you have this entry to look at and take a guess as to just what I'm doing. Unless it is a day that isn't marked with anything, then I just might sneaking in a nap, or just sitting not moving at all.

Tonight is Honor Recognition night for Binky Sue and I will have camera in hand. So hopefully tomorrow I can share the information about just what the honor recognition was. I hope that everyone has a great Monday, and let's all try to find some time to relax this month.

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