Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Well, here we are one week after graduation. Now don't go into shock just because I posted a picture with the whole family. I mean it was graduation day so odds were good that there would be at least one picture with the whole family in it. I still prefer being the one behind the camera though.

I mentioned the other day that Binky Sue started contemplating just how quickly the last four years had gone while sitting at Little Bugs 8th grade promotion. The fact that four years had passed so quickly and she was just hours away from her high school graduation, really kicked in the nerves and anticipation. She spent a good share of the day talking to me about how it really hadn't passed as slowly as she felt it had at certain points in time. As she got dressed and ready to go, she made the comment several times about this being it. She looked very beautiful, and oh so very grown up. (Oh for Aunt and Uncle C & C I have some other pictures that are more close up to send to you so that you can see your gift to her better. I will try to get those sent in e-mail hopefully here today.)

There are lots of things that I could sit here and type about for that night, but then this would end up being one heck of a long entry. I think biggest thing that I will never forget will be the fact that with over a thousand people on the football field looking for their family, my Binky Sue seemed to know just where I was and came flying across the field with a huge enough hug to make us both lose our balance and a simple "I love you Mommy". By the way through all of the emotion of the last couple of weeks it wasn't until that very moment that I cried, and boy did I cry!

I will post a couple more pictures of the graduate and her very beautiful party cake, and maybe a couple more stories in the next couple of days. Right now I feel the need to mention that Disney Land should probably look out because there are two charter buses filled with graduates heading your way for the all night Grad Night party tonight, and the 36 hours of non stop partying on the road between here and there and back again. Let's just hope that the chaperons can hold on for the wild ride that I'm sure it is going to be. I'm sure that come tomorrow night come 10:00 that I'm going to be picking up one very worn out Binky Sue. But her sister will be glad that they will no longer have to hear about "I'm going to Disney Land" anymore.
I hope that everyone has a great day, and that anyone on the road traveling back home from being out here, or Binky Sue on her wild adventure has a safe day of traveling.

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Gina M+B said...

Miss you guys so much already, I hope she has a fan-tas-ticcc time!