Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The realization that graduation is close

I would love to have a picture for this post, but sadly most of the pictures that I shot last night are either (A) to blurry for the human eye to stand looking at or (B) have to many other kids in it that are not my own, therefore I won't post it.
Last night was honors recognition night at the high school, and after surviving sitting in the chairs with only minor pain and spasms being caused in my back, it is time to reflect on it. Binky Sue received a "Hardest Worker" honor from one of her teachers. Since the teacher was not there due to her own children being sick, we will never know just what she would have said. But don't fear people, Binky Sue is going on the interrogation hunt after the teacher again I'm sure. Some of the honor awards were funny, some were very touching, some so impressive it left me speechless, and then there were some that left me with the thought of "Huh?" Aside from Binky Sue getting her award, I think the most impressive thing of the night was seeing her friend J playing with the Jazz band prior to the start of the awards. J is blind, and can play the drums and the trumpet with impressive skill. To know that he learns the music by memorization of the sound is incredible. Binky Sue was tickled to see and hear him playing last night, and so proud of her friend for sounding so very good.

In other news, the graduation cap and gown have come home to the house as of yesterday! Wow, this is getting close now. This afternoon will be photo time with Binky Sue to get a portrait of her wearing her cap and gown to place on the party invitation. After that my job this week is to get any editing done, get them printed, mounted on the already done matted backing, and ready for delivery come Friday. Funny thing about the cap and gown coming in the house was that it was the visual for me that this is here. It is just about time. As if the last couple of weeks of trips out to the college shouldn't have done the same thing for me. I'm hoping when I have her put it on this afternoon for the portraits that I don't feel the need to sit down and cry for any reason, since I'm working with a real deadline for this. Things may be very busy around here this month, but now the thought of these are the last days of my first baby girls high school days is very much in the lead for my thoughts. Ready or not she is an adult, and in just mere days now she will walk and receive her diploma, and start on her path into the adult world.
Alright that is more than enough for one morning. I hope that everyone is having a good week so far.

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Mom of 5 Gents said...

My heart is right there with you, Momma. :)