Saturday, May 16, 2009

See the look?

Little Bug, originally uploaded by torri_g.

I know, I've been doing very poorly on posting again, but let's face it life here in Arizona has been very busy and is going to get even worse this coming week. That means don't be looking for a lot of posting from me till probably after the...heck maybe till June at the rate I'm going.

Anyway, last night was the 8th grade promotion dance at the middle school. Little Bug and her friend seemed to have fun getting ready here at the house. Hair was curled, Binky Sue did a straightening job with an added annoying hair dresser routine. There was make up, there were beautiful dresses, and there was the look from not just my Little Bug, but from friend of Little Bug meeting me at every turn. The look is the standard "I'm 13-14 and I'm so not impressed with anything that you say or do Mom". Know the commercial about the ever elusive smile? Well, that is what we have in this house, and yesterday I had it times two! It is funny to watch them when the get together really. They will be all smiles and laughing when they think that it is just them, but let anyone over the age of 16 walk in and the look comes to their faces in a blink of an eye. This look by the way is the one that poor Army Guy gets 99.9% of the time anymore. Poor Daddy...his youngest princess just isn't so amused by him anymore.
The dance was tons of fun, and there was a very hyper Little Bug that climbed into my car come 9:00 last night, but you would never be able to guess that based on the look on her face. You really have to be good at reading the rest of the body language at this point in time. Her tone and volume level screamed "Had the best time of my life" so far, but the look said "Could you please just spare me all the questions about my night out with all of my friends?" Ah the look of being 13...I'm just glad that this is my last one and in a couple of years the look should go away. (Oh please let it go away!)

Alright now back to me and posting. Since today is going to mark the start of people coming in for graduation, and I have a list of several lists to get through before Thursday, I am taking at least the next week off. Since we have people who will be here through till the 28th of the month it very well may end up being me taking time off from blogging till June rolls around. Unless of course I find some time in the wee hours of the morning and my brain is working well enough to type an entry. I hope that everyone has a great week, and everyone dealing with pending graduations manages to keep their sanity. Everyone take care and see you when this busy life comes to a stop.

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