Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sugar, spice, and everything nice??

I love my girls...I really do!! But the saying sugar, spice and everything nice is a LIE!! Don't get me wrong they have some very sweet moments, and can be very caring. Last night though was over the top even for them. Usually the worst they do is yell at each other. We have had the couple of times of name calling...always a good way to get Mom mad when you call your sister a retard and stupid. A food fight at the dinning room table though? I'm a bad Mom really...a couple of years ago I stopped eating at the table with them because that would be when they would have the conversation about what they dissected in science class, or any of the gross things that they saw other kids do at school. They get going with the belching and put many boys to shame. I just couldn't take it anymore so I moved to eating my meals in the living room. Fighting I can deal with and can put an end to, the other stuff they get going there is no ending it. A food fight in the dinning room though?? Mashed potatoes and gravy being worn by each of them, and Little bug has some up her nose!! They actually stood there acting like they couldn't understand why I would think that was a bad thing! I got the explanation as to just how it got started, and to tell the truth I really didn't care because all I could do is shake my head and wonder why in the world?? Sugar and spice and everything nice...YEAH RIGHT!! The person that wrote that little diddy never met my girls! But never fear, I'm sure they will come up with yet something else to make me shake my head in wonder, and I will just keep reminding myself that I love these girls and try not to kick their little tushies into orbit!!

I hope that everyone is having a calm week and if you are in the area of my dinning room, be ever watchful for the flying mashed potatoes.

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