Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mom can only love one of us

Mom can only love one of us, so the other must go!! I swear that is what goes through the dogs minds any time I sit down on the couch. If Trinity gets to close Mia is all over her, and same happens for if Mia is to close to me for Trinity. I become the toy they fight over, and in the process I'm the one that gets hurt. Little bug was having a good laugh at her Mommy and managed to get my camera and take a couple of pictures of Mommy the play toy. Of course when you have about 90 pounds of dog laying, jumping fighting on you, you really cant stop someone from taking a picture. Of course the picture that you won't see here is when Trinity just shoved Little bug off of the couch spot so she could get close and curl up with her head on my lap. Poor Little bug...she always get pushed around by the animals in this house.

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