Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sibling Sunday

I looking forward to the new week after this past week. Little bug was home early from school Monday, and Wednesday. Nennie was home sick with fever Wednesday. Little bug was home sick because of stomach bug on Friday. Nennine was horribly sick come Friday after school. Oh and just when I thought that maybe come Saturday that things would just calm down and everyone could start feeling better, Sweetpea figured that she didn't want to be left out of the sick party going on. My only hope is that this week that they can all get through school without missing a day or having to come home early. Oh and I'm hoping that they don't feel the need to pick up anymore germs and bring them home with them. There has been a full ban on any hugs or kisses since Thursday. I love all these girls, but I really don't need them sharing these germs with me. It has been funny to watch everyone in the family blow kisses from across the room only to have the person on the other side duck so as to avoid it.

My huge "YAY" moment of this weekend came Friday when Sweetpea got home. It is progress report time and for the first time in I don't even know how long anymore, I had the wonderful surprise of not one "D" or "F" on it. Even better there was only one "C" on it! Sweetpea said that she did it because she didn't want to hear the standard lecture. Now, my lecture is basically about the fact that Miss Sweetpea does not feel the need to do her homework most of the time. Actually she has real issues with understanding just why she has to prove to anyone that she knows anything. Homework has been a huge issue with her since third grade, and to be honest I think I have tried everything under the sun to try and get her to understand. Well, last progress report time I just kind of gave up a little. When I tried to talk to her, she stood there before I even said a word and said "Well, I'm ready for the lecture so can we just get going with this already?" I had a Mom nerve that snapped right at that moment and then told her "You know what? I really have nothing more to say about this. If you don't have to care, then I think that I no longer want to care about this topic." and went about with something else. A few days later she came to me and told me that I had to care!! Well, I made my choice and stood with it even when the end of semester report cards came out and there was F's and D's on it. I caught her teachers off guard with my approach, but like I said this started in third grade I have been doing this a lot longer then they realize. I guess it paid off though because now she is very proud of her progress report. I think Sweetpea was very pleased about the cheering that came out of her Mom. I told her when this started that it is that I don't care, I just finally came to the conclusion that I cant make her care if she doesn't want to. Gosh if I just would have come up with that one a couple of years ago!! So yet another great big "WAY TO GO MY SWEETPEA!!!!"

Anyway, I hope that everyone has had a great weekend! I also hope that this coming week keeps all the flus that are running around out of everyone's house. Have a wonderful upcoming week!!

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