Monday, February 4, 2008

Storm has moved in

Well the winter storm has finally rolled in. The winds overnight and early this morning made it sound like the roof was going to be torn off. Looking around during the early morning trip out with the dogs I saw that a bike had gotten blown of a hook on the side of the house, but not to much other than that. Oh...tons of trash blowing around because of people that took their cans out last night. We started the day off with some sunshine, then clouds, then get the point I'm sure. About 11:30 the rain started, by 11:45 it changed to sleet, and by 12:15 we started with the snow. Todd had to pick Little bug up from school because she is not feeling so good today, and said that old base side closer up to the mountains is already to a slushy road state. Our temperature has dropped from 48 at 11:00 to 37 now at 1:00.

When I took the dogs out just a little bit ago it was funny to watch Mia trying to catch the snow and not liking this white cold stuff falling from the sky. It is her very first time seeing this white stuff and I'm thinking she was less than impressed, and maybe just a bit annoyed with it. Trinity on the other hand has seen it before and knew as soon as she got out that she really didn't want to spend all that much time outside in the cold, windy weather.

I'm going to be interested in seeing just how long this lasts here today, and with the forecast of an overnight temperature of 25 degrees it should make things pretty interesting here in Arizona come tomorrow morning. Let's hope that everyone remembers that they need to slow down while driving and keep it safe. I hope that everyone is staying warm today, and having a good start to the week.

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