Monday, February 18, 2008

Long Weekend

I'm a day late for the Sibling Sunday post, but yet another long weekend here for the Arizona gang. Little bug had no school on Friday because of teacher in service day. Nennine and Sweetpea stayed home also because of being sick (cough, cough!!) Okay so they stayed home because Mom asked them if they would like to just miss the day!! I had a million different things to get done, and with the winter weather that was rolling in, I was a bit worried about the bus company doing something strange like the last time we had snow and suddenly not run afternoon buses. Just easier for me to call them out sick for the day, and since they both have missed just a very few days anyway, I don't feel bad about my choice of letting them stay home. As we ran errands during the snow storm they were both happy that they stayed home. Both of the older two had comments about just how crazy everyone in this town drives when there is bad weather. I mean come on people we were in the 70's for the week before the storm rolled into really don't believe that snow, no matter how much, is really going to pile up on the roads do you??

Anyway errands got ran, and then a little shopping therapy with some really good prices at a couple of stores, and all of the girls under this roof were very happy. The whole weekend has been one of just chilling out and relaxing for the girls. Just a couple more weeks and they will be on spring break and we will be smack dab in the middle of the massive birthday's of March. (Gosh I cant believe that I'm already to within a couple of weeks of March.)

We really don't have anything much else to tell. We had snow storm which was impressive to watch, but really didn't have much to show after the storm rolled out. Right back up into the high 60's today and going towards the 70's again for the next couple of days. I hope that everyone has a good week and stays warm.

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