Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Conversation with Trinity

Trinity: Umm...Mom...you do realize that the basket of clean towels is still sitting here on the couch?

Me: Yes Trinity I realize that they are still sitting there, why?

Trinity: Well, I just wanted to make sure that you knew that, because if you didn't I was thinking about doing my thing with the clean stuff in the basket.

Me: Trinity you really don't have to do that every time there is a basket of something clean sitting on the couch.

Trinity: Well I know that, but I just cant stop myself from rubbing my face all over the clean clothes when they are just sitting here!!

Me: Trinity please don't bury your face in the basket of clean stuff. You always end up drooling on them.

Trinity: Okay, I'm trying to control my urge but Mom they are SITTING HERE!!

Trinity can not actually talk, but I swear I'm sure the above is what goes through her head when there is a basket of anything clean sitting on the couch. She sits by it and looks at me and then at the basket repeatedly. It gets to the point where she just cant help but stick her face in the stuff and rub it around. So before we hit that point and I have towels that need to be washed again, I think I will just get this basket folded and put away. Trinity, my little helper around the house to keep me on track.

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