Friday, February 8, 2008

Feline Friday

It's time for Feline Friday again! I'm not sure where everyone is but Angel, Eclipse and I aren't giving up! Well, Angel might give up on me today since I forgot to switch the furnace back on last night and have forced her to find warmth under the lamp this morning. Worked out well though for me since she wasn't in the mood to go running off to hide from me with the camera. Of course she also isn't in the mood for running off to hide from the dogs here this morning either.
Eclipse also made it very clear that she isn't happy about the no furnace running last night. When I went to take her picture there was lots of very loud meowing that went on. I'm pretty sure that I was told off by little miss fluffy pants, and I don't think there were many nice words in there.

Okay, it is Feline Friday! So if you want to play along grab your cameras, shoot the picture, post on your blog, and leave a link in comments. If you would like to host a Feline Friday, leave me a note in comments. Let's see all of those great looking Felines!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Friday, and a terrific weekend!

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