Friday, November 30, 2007

Pitiful Puppies

Yes a double post here tonight. Figured since I posted a picture of Angel and just why her and Eclipse don't like me. I thought it would be only fair to post pictures tonight of Trinity and Mia and the explanation of just why they don't like me as of tonight. Trinity has spent the whole day upset with me because she couldn't find Mia anywhere in the house. She sniffed, and sniffed...looked and looked but just couldn't find her. Trinity also spent a good share of the giving me dirty looks that seemed to ask "Just what have you done with my baby sister?"
What did I do with her? Well, Mia had her spaying surgery today. So tonight that Mia is home, Trinity is happy but annoyed about the fact that she can not get close to Mia at all. Mia on the other hand is probably very happy to not have to with her big sister tonight at all. I'm sure in a couple of days that Mia will still be trying to guilt me into doing things for her, but for right now she gets whatever she wants or needs. To cut down on her trying to walk to the back door I have even been picking it up and moving it and her closer every time. (Yeah so in a few days I will be regretting all of it, but I really don't care so much tonight.) She has only gotten sick a couple of times since coming, and really hasn't wanted to try to drink anything much. Tomorrow I'm sure I will be cooking up some chicken and rice for her to eat for the next couple of days till all settles down for her tummy. Now if I could just get the rain to stop pouring down on us every time she needs to go outside.

Okay so two posts in one about angry cats, and the other about pitiful puppies. I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

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